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Mobility and Safety in the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Use new technologies designed to improve road safety and reduce the occurrence of crashes that cause death and injury on the road.

5G-Car integrated system

We foresee the future through technology

The main objective of 5G-CAR is the implementation of a broadband communication system between vehicles and infrastructures capable of supporting active systems for assisted driving and intelligent mobility.
The essential goal of the proposed architecture is to ensure safe and effective communication even under adverse conditions.

5g-CAR is an integrated system of radio interconnection at 5.9 GHz, according to the standards of protocols 802.11p and 5G, able to transmit and receive data at high speed up to 1-5 Gb/s.

Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything” (C-V2X) is the technology that enables vehicles to communicate with the cloud, other vehicles and the surrounding environment.
C-V2X will leverage vehicular and cellular connectivity to contribute to safety, security, and traffic improvements.

Thanks to the speed of data transmission is possible an advanced calculation of routes that ensures a high level of predictability of traffic patterns, allowing also a communication of alert messages on display, increased safety of the operator of the vehicle itself and all surrounding vehicles or pedestrians.

Also through low-latency data transmission, images captured by the vehicle’s own cameras, and any traffic cameras connected to the network, are processed by the device in real time.

The display is also able to give visual input in case of low road visibility, combining real images with infrared images. In addition, by analyzing the images themselves, it provides the driver with information about traffic and obstacles on the road, thus optimizing the best route for the vehicle’s journey.

For the development of the prototype it was decided to install the device on emergency vehicles. In particular on ambulances and street sweepers.

The specificity of these vehicles, however, is not binding. The developed device, in fact, will be applicable to all types of vehicles: commercial, special and also on private vehicles.

particolare previsione collisione veicoli

Collision Prevention

Alert messages and CAN-BUS integrations make real-time driving assistance possible, decreasing the risk of collisions.

particolare awareness ambiente circostante

Real-Time Situation Awareness

C-V2X technology facilitates analysis of the environment, updating the vehicle in real time of surrounding traffic and road conditions.

particolare sicurezza dei pedoni


Road safety is being positively affected by real-time sharing of data and analysis of road traffic patterns and possible connections to pedestrian devices. 

particolare arrivo mezzi di soccorso ambulanza

Emergency Vehicle Approach

Through the sharing of road and vehicle sensor data, the controlled approach of emergency vehicles can be improved.

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