5G-CAR the Future of Transport

“5G car-to-everything communication systems for smart and safe transport in Emilia-Romagna” is a project POR-FESR 2014-2020, financed by the region Emilia Romagna

The project is born from the analysis of the critic scenario that the society has to fight about automotive security themes. Following the data spread by OMS every day almost 2500 people die on the road; that means almost 1 million people every year

Automotive companies are working in a proactive way to adapt to new technologies created to improve the road safety and to reduce the gravity of the accidents that cause death and injuries. Using advanced wireless communications, the companies are working on innovative devices that could improve the safety of vehicles for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

At the same time companies are orienting themselves to provide a series of other advantages, that goes from a better management of traffic to a better energetic efficiency and the possibility to introduce advanced entertainment systems onboard. All this benefits will be disbursed towards technologies of connection between vehicles and surrounding environment.

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