Mister Smart Innovation


Mister Smart Innovation S.c.r.l.

Accredited Laboratory to the High Technology Network of Emilia Romagna. It offers industrial research projects for and with Companies, to accelerate the technological development of the industrial system with innovative and tailor-made solutions. It is also the point of access for Companies to the skills and facilities of the CNR network throughout the country. It is a Laboratory of Industrial Research and Technology Transfer of the High Technology Network of Emilia-Romagna. The partners are: the CNR, the Universities of Ferrara and Parma and companies operating in different manufacturing sectors. MISTER is part of the Tecnopolo Bologna CNR, of which it is also the operator and uses both its own equipment and large equipment that the members make available for the activities of the Tecnopolo


As part of the project, MISTER will collaborate with other partners on the design of 5.9 GHz band antennas through multiphysical simulations with a focus on the mechanical, geometric and electronic specifications required for the automotive context, bringing the devices from TRL4 to TRL6. It will design the photo breathed masks and will take care of the process of manufacturing in clean room the prototype antenna to be interfaced to the electronics made by the other partners. With regards to the packaging phase of the devices, it will support other partners by making their additive manufacturing skills and facilities available. Finally, it will work with other partners to develop the machine learning algorithms needed to manage and process data from the intersection monitoring chosen as a demonstration scenario