Project Objectives


Connecting veichles to infrastructures

5G-CAR project fits in an active way the current scenario related to the development of connection technologies between the vehicle and the surrounding environment.

Its principal purpose is:

  • Strategic purpose: Connectivity and autonomous functioning for planning and production systems.
  • General purpose: Implementation of a demonstrative system integrated into the vehicle and able to communicate with the device for the collection of images, located near an Emilian country’s intersection, to test in the field the effectiveness of the system.
  • Realization of a validated prototype in a simulative environment TRL6 and relating to the system of radio interconnection to 5.9GHz following the protocol 802.11p and following 5G modalities. This system comprehends multiple antennas (MIMO) and analogic and digital radio interface tools, that will be able to exchange data with very high pace, from 1 to 5GB/s, between moving vehicles and vehicles and infrastructures present on the way of that vehicle.
Obiettivi Progetto 5G CAR